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Footage proves links between Hezbollah and Houthis released

The ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States has released footage that proves that Hezbollah is linked to the Houthi militia, who control most of the northern parts of the country.

In the footage released on Twitter, Prince Khalid Bin Salman explained that a previous operation carried out by the Special Forces of the Arab Alliance revealed evidence about the role of Hezbollah in Yemen.

In the video, a man can be heard imparting his military expertise. Bin Salman says this man is a leading member in Hezbollah as he has a picture of the Supreme Leader of the Iran, Ali Khamenei, as the wallpaper on his computer.

Another post shows the same man giving instructions about the need to use civilian vehicles in order to transport fighters, such as the case in the town of Dammaj in the Yemeni province of Saada, when they were transferred in water tanks.Bin Salman stressed that the international community must not turn a blind eye to the methods used by these militias, which endanger civilians.

“The existence of militants who belong to the so-called Hezbollah in Yemen proves that the Iranian regime has entrusted this terrorist party with the task of training its Houthi loyalists,” the prince said.

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