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Prince Khalid Praises Saada Leading Figures For Standing Against Houthi Militia

The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the US Prince Khalid bin Salman has praised the stances of the tribal leaders of Saada province, Houthi militia stronghold, for standing against the Iran-backed militia.

In a number of tweets, HE Prince Kahlid said, “Today, leaders of Saada have called for the continuation of efforts to liberate Saada from the grip of the Houthi militia and in support of the legitimate government and the Saudi-led Arab coalition.”

“This significant development is evidence of the effectiveness of the increased pressure against the Houthis, and the unwavering resolve of the people of Yemen as they continue to heroically stand up to Iran’s malign influence.”

“The advancement of the Yemeni forces on multiple fronts, including Saada, backed by the coalition, is a testament that the people of Yemen are more than ever united on the goal of restoring peace to their country and expelling all Iranian influence,” he added on his official Twitter account.

“Saudi Arabia will continue to lead the Arab coalition’s efforts towards achieving a political solution based on United Nations Security Council resolution 2216, which explicitly calls for the Houthis to disarm, evacuate urban areas and recognize the legitimate Yemeni government,” stressed the envoy.

“Such an outcome is the only way to achieve peace and stability in Yemen. Until then we will continue to stand with brethren in Yemen against Iran’s expansionist agenda,” stressed Prince Khalid.

The tribal leaders of Saada had met in Riyadh on Monday with various Arab coalition officials, including Gen. Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Abdulaziz, Commander of the Joint Forces.

Sheikh Abdulkhaliq Bishr said that despite more than a decade and a half of conflict with the Iranian militias, the people of Saada are presenting all forms of sacrifices.

Saada is persevering to maintain its Arab identity and reject Iranian interference, he stressed.

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