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Houthi Militia Recruited Over 23,000 Children: Senior Official

The Houthi militia has forced more than two million Yemeni children into exploitative labour and recruited over 23,000 of them this year in a manner that violates international law and conventions for protection of children, according to government senior official.

Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Ibtihaj Al Kamal, hailed a decision by the Arab Parliament to appeal to the Secretary-General of the United Nation, the Security Council, Speakers of regional and international parliaments, as well as the international organisations, to refer crimes committed by Al Houthis to the International Criminal Court and to hold to account their leaders and supporters from the Iranian regime, to face trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The legitimate government also called on the Security Council, the UN organisations and the international bodies concerned with the children’s rights, to adopt a resolution that incriminates all acts of abuse against children committed by Al Houthi militias and to classify their crimes against the children of Yemen as the worst form of child oppression.

Quoted by the official Yemeni News Agency, the minister said that the militias deprived 4.5 million children from education, including 1.6 million who could not receive education after Al Houthis destroyed, either fully or partially, 23,000 schools in Yemen and used 1,500 schools as prisons or military barracks.

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