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Al-Bukhaiti:“Houthis Battle Meant To Destroy Hodeidah, Rather Defend It & I Call On Houthi Leader Hand Hodeidah Over To Neutral Leadership,”

The Yemeni politician and writer Ali al-Bukhaiti has called on the leader of the Houthi group, Abdulmalik al-Houthi to hand over the city of Hodeidah to a Yemeni neutral leadership within a UN-sponsored agreement that would ensure the safe withdrawal of his group, and would as well spare the civilian lives and the destruction of the city.

In a series of tweets, al-Bukhaiti added, “I hope Abdulmalik al-Houthi deals with the situations with a political mine, and not a sectarian mind, even for once,” pointing that the settlement in the port city of Hodeidah could be a prelude to a comprehensive settlement.

The politician stated that the Houthis are preparing for a street fighting inside Hodeidah city, and that they don’t intend to leave the city unless it becomes ruins.

Al-Bukhaiti pointed out that the leading figures of the Houthis have started to leave the city; therefore, the Houthis are not engaged in a battle to defend Hodeidah, rather to destruct it and displace its residents; despite the fact that they could negotiate with the UN on a plan, by which they withdraw from the city; and that the city would be handed over to an independent, security, military and political leadership.

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