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Houthis Dragged 12 Young People From My Hometown To Western Coast & They Were All Killed, Al-Bukhaiti

The Yemeni Writer and Politician Ali al-Bukhaiti said that the Houthi militia do send young people to massacres on a daily basis, pointing that the Houthis are causing mass carnages for those young people.

Al-Bukhaiti has also explained that at least twelve young people from his own village were send to the Western Coast Front to fight with the Houthis, and yesterday reports confirmed that they were all killed.

“A few days ago, the Houthis have taken Twelve young people from al-Hada tribe of Dhamar province – among a large group of fighters – to save the situation on the Western Coast Front, but yesterday the Twelve were killed,” said Ali al-Bukhaiti, adding that they are all from one district.

The Politician stated, “When we advise parents to pay attention to their children, it is because we realize that the Houthis are not taking them to the frontlines, but to actual carnages.

“Apaches and high-tech weapons are hunting those young people and there is a huge difference between the weapons of the Houthis and the weapons of the Arab Coalition; however, the Imamate Houthis don’t care how many causalities are inflicted because they think they will be victorious.

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