No Peace with Houthis until they are Defeated Militarily: al-Bukhaiti

Writer and politician Ali al-Bukhaiti has reduced the possibilities of reaching peace with the Houthi, pointing that this group do consider all Yemenis as ‘infidels of their spoken Quran says”, in reference to the founder of the Houthi group, ‘Hussein al-Houthi’.

“The Houthis cannot share power with “infidels” unless it is a temporary tactic until the end of the threat imposed by the Arab Coalition,” al-Bikhaiti added in his twitter account.

He also stated, “no one should look forward to making peace with the Houthis, especially following the appearance of Abdul Malik al-Houthi with the phrase “the spoken Quran” written in a banner behind him.” “With this move, al-Houthi has cut off any hope for peace.”

Moreover, al-Bukhaiti said that peace, which does not make the “spoken Quran” the first decision maker, is considered by the Houthis – as al-Qaeda or ISIS – as apostasy to the kind of Islam the Houthis comprehend. And in this case, whomever seeks peace with the Houthis is as if he demanding them to disbelieve their beliefs; and here lies the dilemma that made peace efforts doomed to failure. “Our battle with the Houthis is deeper than a conflict over power,” noted al-Bukhaiti.

The politician explained that the Houthis won’t believe in the necessity of peace and its importance to them unless they are defeated militarily in such a way that threatens their existence.

When the photos of the Houthis current and former “spoken Quran” are trampled underfoot in the capital Sana’a and other cities; and when their leaflets (booklets) are torn apart; and when they get to know people’s real opinion of them; and when their power is overthrown and the people breathe the air of freedom; only then, the Houthis will seek peace to protect themselves, al-Bukhaiti stressed.

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