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Several Massacres in Two Provinces

A Wedding party was hit

The Death toll from the Arab coalition aerial attacks that targeted several sites in the two provinces of Hajjah and al-Bayda has risen to dozens of civilians between dead and wounded.

At least 20 civilians were killed and as many as 40 others injured in coalition airstrikes that targeted a wedding party in the Bani Qais district in the province of Hajjah, as well as a couple of houses in the same province, northwestern Yemen.

In the same context, five people from a single family were killed in aerial attacks that targeted a house in the district of Midi.

That came in conjunction with pounding another houses in the farm in the district of Abs, which resulted in  human causalities, but we could not verify the number of dead and wounded.

In the central province of al-Bayda, an aerial attack against the district of Yasbel resulted in the killing of at least 14 people and wounding 4 others, according to local sources who did not identify the aircraft that targetd Bani Wahb and resulted in such causalities.

However, reports have said that the aircraft is believed to be a Saudi-led coalition warplane and not a US drone.

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