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Houthi Infiltration Attempts in Taiz Repelled

The Forces of Al-Amaleqah Military Brigades have foiled an attack on Thursday launched by the Houthi militia fighters against Al-Barh front in the district of Maqbanah, west of the city of Taiz.

Colonel Mohammed Al-Salehi, commander of the 8th Al-Maleqah military Brigade said that his forces have repelled an infiltration attempt by the Houthi militia gunmen carried out at dawn on a number of sites in Al-Barh front.

The commander pointed that after the attack was fiercely repelled, the Houthi militia fighters were forced to flee after inflicting heavy human and material losses, noting that such an attack by the Houthis is the third of its kind since the beginning of the current week.

This when Al-Amaleqah Forces, along with the Forces of the Joint National Resistance have repelled a similar infiltration attempt on Wednesday by Houthis against the town of Hays in the port city of Hodeidah.

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