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Building Specialized Medical Centers in Marib Studied

Cardiac Center to be Built

A Saudi Arabia medical team – under the supervision of a committee from the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) –  has carried out an in-depth survey in in the province Marib to explore options for medical treatments inside Yemen.

Upon his return from the province of Marib, Dr. Abdullah Al-Wadai, deputy director for medical and environmental assistance at KSRelief, who headed the committee said: “We were in Marib on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was a study tour about the situation there and how to implement the initiative of King Salman for establishing specialized medical centers for critical cases and diseases facing the Yemeni people.”

“The initiative is aimed at finding solutions for serious or difficult cases like cardiac disease or malignant tumors, and find a way it can be treated inside Yemen,” Al-Wadai said.

He said that the team is working in coordination with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and the medical services department of the Ministry of Defense.

The committee, formed of KSRelief and representatives from the finance and health ministries along with the medical services of the Armed Forces in Yemen, met to carry out the plan for treatment inside Yemen as well as for patients going abroad for treatment.

“To execute the plan, we have suggested to start with a cardiac center in Marib,” Al-Wadai told Arab News.

In May this year, Al-Wadai headed a medical team from KSRelief and inspected a prosthetic limbs center in Marib, which has been funded by the organization for the second consecutive year.

The aim was to view the progress of work, implement the specifications of the contract with the partner organization tasked with the operation and ensure that services are provided.

The center fitted 305 prosthetic limbs last year for those affected by the mines planted by Houthi militias.

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