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Houthi militia shuts down Yamani factory, stations their forces at its wall

Houthi militia gunmen have shut down Yamani Factory in the port city of Hodeidah and have stationed at its wall, as they also installed sand barriers and prevented employees from entering it until a mediation intervened and granted the employees a small entrance to the factory.

This comes as part of the militia group’s violations against the people of Hodeidah and against the facilities in the city. Furthermore, the militia group has also dug new trenches in the streets of the city.

Furthermore, several Houthi militia gunmen have as well stormed dozens of houses, state facilities and factories in the entire province of Hodeidah, which is currently witnessing a state of alert due to the advancements of the National Resistance Forces.

Activists have expressed their surprise regarding Houthi targeting on Yamani factory, which continued to be operational despite the fighting and the difficult situation, as they also pointed out that the over 7000 employees are working in the factory and helping their families; and shutting the factory down would entail a humanitarian disaster for tens of thousands of people.

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