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Army forces shoot down Houthi-guided drone in central Yemen

The Army Forces have shot down a drone belonging to the Houthi militia, in the province of al-Bayda in central Yemen.

Military sources said that, “the Army Forces have shot down a Houthi-guided drone in the district of Na’man in the central province of al-Bayda, where it was carrying explosives over one of the villages of the district.”

“Following inspecting and examining the wreckage of the drone,” the sources stated, “it turned out to be an Iranian-made drone.”

Earlier, the Army Forces have shot down a number of Houthi-guided drones in the center, east, west, north and south of the country, some of which were downed by a mere Kalashnikovs.

The Houthis are using such drones as a form of propaganda, according to military observers, who consider that using such drones does not represent any threat in the current situation on the confrontations’ battlefield.

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